5 Christmas Outdoor Decoration Ideas

| November 29, 2012

Christmas sleigh holiday decor Strings of lights — whether they twinkle in white or flash in bright colors — serve as a traditional display during the holidays. Take your Christmas decor beyond just lights with one of these five ideas for holiday outdoor decorations. DexKnows listings can point you toward where to find the best holiday decorating supplies locally.

1. Holiday Decor Sleigh

An old wooden sled serves as an excellent base for an outdoor holiday decor piece. Embellish it with fresh pine sprigs, pinecones and colorful bows, and then lean it against your home or place it on the front porch. Holiday home decorations such as this offer a cheerful welcome to visiting family and friends.

2. Oversized Ornaments

If you live in an area of the country that doesn’t allow for year-round gardening, put your planters to use by filling them with oversized ornaments. Simply tie a large red bow around the planter to complete the Christmas outdoor decorations before placing them around your home.

3. Grapevine Globes With Holiday Lights

Grapevine globes can be found at your local arts and crafts stores in a variety of sizes. Pick up two for each step leading to your front door, and then wrap white holiday lights around them or the railings to create a magical ascent. Be sure to use only lights rated for outdoor use. And to see more holiday lighting ideas, check out this gallery of photos.

4. Longer-Lasting Luminaries

Traditional luminaries using paper bags and tea lights make excellent Christmas decorations, but they tend to not last more than a few nights during the winter weather found in many areas of the country. Create longer-lasting luminaries by using glass vases and pillar candles instead. Add leafy greens and red berries below the flame to complete the creations, which can line the walkway to your home or the front steps or porch.

5. Holiday Decor Bench

If you live in an area of the country where colder temps keep you from enjoying your outdoor bench, turn it into a holiday decor display. Pine branches and cones can fill up the space nicely, and you can add pops of color by hanging ornaments throughout. Outdoor Christmas decorations such as a Santa or angel also will fit into the arrangement.

When considering holiday decorating ideas for the exterior of your home, always keep safety in mind. Use only holiday lights rated for the outdoors and make sure all candles can be used safely, especially in windy conditions. DexKnows listings can help you find the best holiday decorating supplies, as well as providers who will do the work for you.

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