5 Auto Insurance Discounts to Ask About

| October 23, 2012

old car saving money If you haven’t shopped for auto insurance in a while, it’s time to call around for quotes. But rather than go straight to the big companies and their impersonal websites, why not talk to someone who actually knows your city and neighborhood? The DexKnows vehicle insurance listings is a great way to find local agents who can provide a more personal service.

A good agent will explain the coverage you need and set out some options at various price points. They’ll probably ask some questions to see if you’re eligible for any discounts, but if not, here are five discounts you should ask about.

Good student discount

Insurers have learned that students who do well in school tend to be more responsible on the road. If you need coverage for a high schooler or college student, ask about discounts for good grades. Definitions vary by company, but typically, a student averaging a B or better could get as much as a 20 percent discount. This might even be an incentive for a not-so-diligent student to study harder. But don’t be tempted to “improve” a not-so-sparkling academic record: grades are easily checked!

Vehicle Safety Features

When a vehicle is equipped with devices such as anti-lock brakes and airbags, the risk of serious accident and injury goes down. This helps insurance companies reduce the amount they have to pay out, so many will offer discounts on vehicles equipped with these devices. Tell your agent about the safety features on your car and ask whether they qualify.

Anti-theft devices

A quality alarm system can reduce the chances of a vehicle being stolen. And if the alarm is combined with a tracking system like LoJack, the odds of getting your car back are much higher. If your vehicle has these devices, ask whether you’re eligible for this discount. And if you don’t have them, it might pay to have them installed.


Owning multiple vehicles often qualifies you for a discount if you insure them through the same company. After all, you can’t drive them all at the same time!

Low mileage

If you drive less than the average driver, who typically covers around 12,000 miles a year, it stands to reason that the chances of having an accident are lower. Don’t forget, though, that if you change jobs and suddenly have a longer commute, you should let your insurer know.

Other discounts

Some insurance companies offer discounts for those over 55, for taking a defensive driving course, or for having a “black box” fitted that tracks your driving habits. Ask your auto insurance agent or broker what you might be eligible for.

Auto insurance can be expensive, but asking the right questions can lower the cost.

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