3 Christmas Day Game Ideas to Keep the Family Entertained

| November 29, 2012

Christmas stocking guessing game Shopping for Christmas presents takes weeks. Opening them happens in just minutes. These three Christmas Day games will keep the family entertained before and after the opening of presents or the big meal. Use DexKnows listings to find any supplies you might need for your Christmas ideas.

1. Draw the Christmas Carol

Think Pictionary plus Jingle Bells. This game requires a large sketchpad or whiteboard, an easel, markers and scrap paper. Once the items are gathered, designate a game master who will write the name of a different Christmas carol onto each scrap of paper and put them in a pile. The remaining members of the family will divide into teams, with the game master left to keep time and score.

Each team takes a turn choosing a carol from the pile for one member to draw on the pad or board for the others. Set a time limit — such as one minute or two depending on the age of the players — in which the team members must guess the name of the Christmas carol. Award one point for each correct guess, play to five points, and give a special prize to the winning team, such as not having to do dishes after dinner.

2. “Snowball” Toss

This game updates the traditional egg toss for the holidays and you only need masking tape and two bags of marshmallows to play. Start by using the masking tape to create a 5-foot line on the floor or ground, then create a second line parallel to the first about 5 feet away. Divide the family into two teams of equal number. Then divide each team into two sides. One side of each team lines up behind one line of tape, while the other side lines up behind the opposite line of tape.

Pick a side to begin, and then the first player on that side must throw a marshmallow into the mouth of the teammate facing him or her. Once the player successfully throws the marshmallow into the teammate’s mouth, he or she goes to the back of the line to allow the next teammate in line to catch marshmallow tosses from the opposite side. When each member of a team has both successfully thrown and caught a marshmallow, that team wins a special prize — perhaps some hot chocolate to go with the marshmallows.

3. Christmas Stocking Guessing Game

Put everyone’s deductive powers to work with this guessing game for both kids and adults. Designate a game master, who will divide your family into teams of equal number and send them outside. The game master will then gather small holiday items from around the house — candy canes, ornaments, Christmas figurines — and place one of each into a Christmas stocking for each team. Each stocking must contain the same items.

Once back inside, each team will have a set amount of time, such as one minute or two, depending on the age of players, to quietly guess the items in the stocking and write them on a piece of paper. The game master will check each list once time has run out, awarding a prize to the team that got the most right. Again, skipping out on cleanup makes an excellent prize.

DexKnows listings can help you find both Christmas game supplies and prizes if you wish to purchase something even more special than hot chocolate. Happy Holidays!

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